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Why did Elena Karimova kill children?

Why Elena Karimova killed the children will find out the investigation. And here’s how she lived before the perpetration of the terrible crime, we will try to understand together with the portal L! Fe
Elena Karimova killed the children

A resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Elena Karimova. always dreamed of a luxurious life, in order not to deny yourself anything. However, the reality turned out to be much more severe. To her 27 years the girl managed to give birth to two children, and after a divorce from their father.

As a result, air locks with a beautiful prince and expensive outfits became an impossible dream for Elena, because she did not even want to think about work.
set fire to their children in Russia
However, this did not prevent her from monthly renting a car, which cost 40 thousand rubles a month, and even plan a vacation abroad. In the social network «VKontakte» Elena spread beautiful selfie from the car salon and filmed a video, as she sings her favorite songs.

Nobody could have foreseen that the mother of 4-year-old Khadija and 2-year-old Suleiman is capable of killing them. It seemed that in this family love reigns, because Elena wrote such heartfelt posts …

This is evidenced by photographs of the grandmother of the dead children. The woman herself grew up in a big family — 10 sisters and three brothers, so the two grandchildren were real happiness for her.

Despite the external idyll, there was not enough money in the family, Elena told police. It was the financial difficulties that spurred her to strangle the children, and then burn their bodies.
«The suspect confessed to the crime, she said that she went to the crime because she allegedly could not provide a decent life for her children

Regional Investigative Directorate of the SC of Russia

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