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Mother burnt her children!

The terrible murder of two young children in the Nizhny Novgorod region is uncovered — and from the details even the hard operatives put their hair on end. Kid killed his own mother, and not just killed, but with particular cruelty.

The murderer’s name is Elena Karimova. She’s 27. Cute, well-groomed, with a neat haircut. If you met her on the street, then it would not have occurred to you what hell it could be in her heart. Elena had two babies — four-year-old daughter Khadizha and two-year-old son Suleiman.

This story, more like the plot of the horror film, began on April 25. A 27-year-old woman with her own hands strangled her four-year-old daughter first, and then a two-year-old son. She did it not in a fit of anger — she thought it out in advance and specially (!) Rented a car for this purpose.

After the murder, the woman did not hesitate to get rid of small bodies. She stopped at the gas station, bought a liquid for ignition (!!!), drove out of town and stopped in the forest. The killer pulled the dead kids out of the car, threw them on the ground and set them on fire.
Despite the fact that the shower was planning everything in advance, at some point something went wrong. She was afraid that in the forest she would be noticed by hunters and local residents (nearby there was a village). The woman flooded the burning corpses with water, put them back in the car and drove back to the city. The horror did not end there.

Elena Karimova, who killed children

The next day, after this creature had not slept well from the human race, she again sat behind the wheel of the car, where the charred bodies of the children lay, and drove to the village of Osinki. In 200 meters from the houses there is an abandoned vegetable garden. Apparently, the killer knew about this, she drove up close to the building, pulled out the bodies of the kids and just threw them on the floor behind empty boxes. She set fire to the vegetable base.

When the children’s bodies were found in an abandoned building (they did not have time to burn to ashes), the police immediately began to look for traces of their parents. The investigation led the operatives to the mother-killer. She fully admitted her guilt.

When asked why she did it, she said that she could no longer live in poverty — she had nothing to support the children. If now there is a drop of compassion for a woman in your heart, then consider one more fact: this «unfortunate» mother never worked anywhere, was divorced and at the same time spent more than 40 thousand rubles a month on … car rent. Further more. Shortly before the murder of her young children, she bought a very cheap ticket abroad.

Elena Karimova
Elena Karimova, who killed children
The first thing that comes to mind, after all the details have appeared: the mother-killer went mad and was not herself. But this hypothesis is refuted by psychiatrists: this woman, most likely, does not have any serious mental illnesses that are caused by organic brain damage. She probably has a personality disorder — these people are not officially classed as mental patients, but their behavior is very much rejected from the norm, which prevents them from living and their relatives.

Killer with hysteria

According to psychiatrist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov, this woman who strangled and burnt her young children is most likely an hysterical-excitable psychotic.

«They are people who are selfish, spiteful, very selfish, they can live in society and adapt to the demands of others, but in everyday life they show their true nature,» the specialist says. — Usually this type of personality is typical for women. They love a free way of life, they have many lovers. They do not like their husbands and do not like their children. Well, if there is an opportunity to take a nanny for children — then they will be almost safe. If there is no place for children to attach, then they begin to stop the mother from leading her idle life.

Excitable psychopathy is a personality disorder, in which a person gets irritability, quick temper, conflict and very aggressive behavior.

What is the cause of this ailment? Heredity can influence (if such a disorder was in someone from the family), but more often hysterical psychopathy arises because of external circumstances. Such people were poorly educated, abused, offended, humiliated. Heavy diseases or physical abnormalities can also play a role. These psychopaths are very expressive, easily go to the conflict, and the consequences of such daring behavior do not bother them at all.

In addition to aggressiveness, excited psychopaths have other characteristic features — such people can be flattering (they all suck up for their own benefit), are very pedantic, accurate (to fanaticism). Behind all this, there will be anger for the whole world and bouts of oppressive unreasonable longing.

To some extent, the behavior of female psychopaths is affected by failure in their personal lives. According to the psychiatrist, the maternal instinct in hysterically-excitable psychopaths is simply simply absent.

It may appear that the killer is a victim of circumstances. After all, her actions are guided by frustration, and the causes of this disorder sometimes depend on external factors, rather than on her own. But this is not so — such people are fully aware of their actions.

She could be cured

According to the expert, the situation developed approximately in this scenario. The girl wanted to go on vacation abroad, maybe not one. And she had an obstacle — where to put the children? To give them, apparently, was nowhere (although here at once the question arises — where was all this time their father?). The irritated, embittered psychopath, not understanding that before her her own little ones, decides to literally realize the plan «there is no man — there are no problems». Her plan was designed to not be found and suspected, about children, she could lie to someone around — they say, they rest in a children’s camp. But the Investigative Committee destroyed her plans, and she simply confessed to what she had done.

The question arises — if she was so disturbed by the children, why did not she give them to the orphanage?

— To give children to an orphanage, you need to undergo various bureaucratic procedures. Such women do not want to waste time on this red tape, plus for this she probably would have received public reprimand — and over-excited hysterics simply can not stand complaints and comments from others.

This type of psychopathy is rare, but still can be treated. This should be handled by a psychiatrist. But the problem is that the relatives of such psychopaths usually write off the aggressive behavior of their loved one on the characteristics of the character — they say, what can you do, he is such a person. And the psychopath never admits that something is wrong with him.

— The worst thing is that it is almost never possible to predict and warn such a terrible outcome in advance. Although it is worth noting that such hysterics do not always resort to criminal measures, — says Vinogradov. «Outwardly, such women do not arouse any suspicion.» Usually they are well educated, with normal speech, with normal appearance, coquettish, smiling. Her acquaintances for sure are now in shock from her deed and grab at her head — how is this possible?

According to the criminalist, it is obvious that during the forensic medical examination this woman is recognized as sane and will be punished according to the strictness of the law. Under the criminal code, for the murder of young helpless babies, she can settle behind bars for the rest of her life.

Previously, Life talked about mothers who kill their newborn children. There, usually, everything is different, and these women are in a state of passion because of the misfortunes that have fallen on them. As a rule, they feel that nobody needs them and they have no one to help.

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